Laparoscopic Spay at Longridge Vets 

The Modern Way To Spay Your Dog - Less Pain, Faster Recovery

"She was back to normal later that day!" ... "That same night she was trying to play with our other dog!" ... "She was comfortable, she seemed to hardly notice that she’d had surgery." ...

Laprascopic Spay PrestonWhat is a Laparoscopic Spay?

Laparoscopic is another word for “keyhole surgery”. This modern technique has now been developed for use in animals. Our practice has invested in the latest equipment so that we can offer our patients this relatively new technique.  
The standard method of spaying involves making a 10-15cm incision into the abdomen, from the bellybutton downward. Laparoscopic spaying uses just two cuts each approximately 1cm long.

The Procedure

A camera is inserted through one cut, and the instruments are inserted through the second cut. The camera magnifies the inside of your dog’s abdomen, allowing our surgeons to see the ovaries in excellent detail. The vessels connected to the ovaries are then sealed, and the ovaries removed. 

Why Laparoscopic?

  • Less Pain

    This technique causes much less trauma to both internal and external tissues. This means less inflammation (swelling) and less pain during the recovery period.

  • Quicker Recovery

    The smaller wounds and cut in the muscle means a quicker healing time. A reduced period of rest is needed after the surgery. Your dog can be back to her normal self, much quicker than using the traditional method of spaying.


The cost of a laparoscopic spay is based on the weight of your dog at the time when she is spayed, as shown in the table below. The price includes the general anaesthetic, the procedure itself, pain relief for during and after the procedure, up to two post-op checks and a plastic cone. A medical jacket instead of a plastic cone is an optional extra.

Weight Of Dog Price For Laparoscopic Spay
5kg - 10kg £290
10kg - 15kg £305
15kg - 20kg £320
20kg - 25kg £335
25kg - 30kg £350
30kg - 35kg £370
35kg - 40kg £390
40kg - 45kg £410
45kg - 50kg £430
50kg + £440
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