We offer outstanding independent care with honest prices.

As a truly independent practice we are able to price our fees open, honeslty and fairly.  Offering fairly proced outstanding vet care.  We have put a selection of fees together for you to be able to compare.  If you are enquring about a price that isn't listed please call or email and we will happily provide it for you.  

Please note our surgical prices include all routine drugs, admission for the day, routine pain relief to take home and a post-op review appointment.  If required, a cone is included, though many pet owners now prefer to use a medical jacket (priced at £19.50).  Xray and ultrasound scans include sedation.  

Vet Consultation Dog/Cat £41.50
  Other Species £35.00
Microchipping   £17.50
Dog Vaccinations First Course -2 Injections £72.00
  Annual Booster £45.00
  Kennel Cough  £37.50
Cat Vaccinations First Course: Full Leuk, Flu and Ent  £77.50
  Full Vaccine Booster £56.00
  First Course: Flu and Ent Only £59.50
  Flu and Ent Booster £44.00
Neutering Surgery    
Dog Castrate <5Kg - >50Kg £185-£295
  Eg 20-25Kg £215.00
Cat Castrate   £69.00
Open Dog Spay <5Kg - >50Kg £240-£405
  Eg 20-25Kg  £295.00
Lap (Keyhole) Surcharge For All Weights £160
  Eg Keyhole Spay 20-25Kg £455.00
Cat Spay   £69.00
X-Ray Dog

First film and interpretation incl sedation

Dog <5Kg - 50Kg

Eg Dog 20-25Kg




X-Ray Subsequent Film £50.00
X-Ray Cat Cat  £267.00
In-House Bloods Diagnostic Screen + Biochemistry  
Ultrasound Scan Dog <5Kg - 50Kg £249.80 - £322.40
  Pregnancy Scan  - no sedation required £50.40
  Cat  £276.00
Scale and Polish Dog 5Kg - >30Kg £143.76-£220.01
  Eg Dog 10-20Kg Dog £158.70
  Cat  £135.34
Dentals Cat  Minor Extraction & Scale £303.00
  Moderate Extractions / Large Teeth £414.00
  Severe Dental Work £468.00
Dentals Dog Minor <5Kg - >50Kg £358.00 - £468.00
  Moderate <5Kg - >50Kg £468.00 - £578.00
  Severe <5Kg - >50Kg £534.00 - £644.00
Euthanasia Dog  £52.80*
  Cat £51.60*
  * If sedation is required  Additional £20-£30
  Cremation Dog -  No Ashes Returned £60.00
  Cremation Cat/Rabbit - No Ashes Returned £52.80
  Cremation Small Fury £40.80
  Individual Cremation Ashes to Scatter Dog £122.00-£175.20
  Individual Cremation Ashes to Scatter Cat/Rabbit £108.00
  Individual Cremation Ashes to Scatter - Small Fury £72.00
Surgical Procedures                      
Pyometra - Dog   <5Kg - 50Kg £730 - £840
Splenectomy - Dog <5Kg - 50Kg £1090 - £1200
Extracapsular Cruciate Repair <5Kg-50Kg £940 - £1050
Cherry Eye Surgery 1 Eye <5Kg - 50Kg £580 -  £690
Cherry Eye Surgery 2 Eyes  <5Kg - 50Kg £760 - £870
Aural Haematoma - Dog  <5Kg - 50Kg £370 - £480
Cystotomy -Dog <5Kg - 50Kg £805 - £915
Cystotomy -Cat   £748
Caesarian  -Cat   £858

Caesarian - Dog

Regular Client

<5Kg - 50Kg £1140 - £1250

Caesarian  - Dog

Non-Regular Client Emergency attendance

<5Kg - 50Kg £1631.50 - £1741.50
Written Prescription Charge Per Item £15.00


No Gimmick Health Plan    
Dog <15Kg £14.00
  15Kg - 60Kg £15.50
  >60Kg £20.50
Cat   £13.50


Monthly prescription flea and wormer

Annual Booster

Plus 10% Kennel Cough Vaccine for Dogs



Prices Correct March 2024

In order to keep our fees to a minimum we request everyone to settle their account at the end of each consultation, on the discharge of your pet or upon collection of drugs/pet food.


We accept payment by:

  • Card Payment, excluding Amex
  • Cash, correct amount only, or any additional can be added to your account


Pet owners are fortunate that Britain is one of a few countries in the world that has well-established, reputable and efficient pet insurance. We strongly advise all pet owners to insure their pets against expenses incurred through illness or accident. We currently process dirct claims for Pet Plan and Animal Friends Policies.  For all other policies we will kindly ask you to settle your account at the time then claim back from your Policy.  Please note we do not charge for processing insurance claims. 

Not all pet insurance is the same so it's important to choose your policy wisely. 


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